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Our Clients

Our Clients Have Issues Like These:

  • Her husband died suddenly. She wanted someone to help her create and execute a plan that ensures she would never run out of money.
  • A couple saving for retirement. They started with a strategy, but no goal. Our first task was to clarify what they needed to accumulate to live the way they want. Then, we formulated a savings and investment strategy in line with that goal. We put the horse in front of the cart.
  • A manufacturing business owner, laser-focused on running and growing the business, needed to make sure his family and retirement are taken care of. He wants to know that any unexpected events of life will not ruin his family financially.
  • "I can't take it anymore. My CD's aren't paying anything!" The Federal Reserve has been generous to the nation's banks and hurting people trying to save for retirement or live off of their savings in retirement. This couple wants to earn a reasonable rate of return and have their money last at least as long as they do. We designed an investment strategy that earns this couple a rate of return commensurate with the level of risk they feel comfortable taking.
  • This family owned a manufacturing business plus real estate valued at over $8 million. They had no will. No estate planning had been done. Showing them that their potential estate tax liability was $3.2 million (under the tax law at that time), moved them to execute all the needed estate planning documents and update the business valuation in the buy-sell agreement.