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What We Do

Financial Planning

At MWM, one of our primary services, and likely the most important service, is to provide you objective and comprehensive financial planning. Your financial plan will provide the framework for many financial decisions that you make. We use a proven defined process to produce customized financial planning specifically for you.

Our process begins with Discovery meetings during which we ask questions about your life goals, your values and attitudes toward money, and your priorities. Once we have a good understanding of what's important to you, we will begin gathering all of the necessary financial data.   We will analyze that data and provide a preliminary for discussion and modification.   Once the financial planning is agreed upon. a personalized financial plan having specific findings and observations regarding your current situation is provided.    Recommendations and an action plan are reviewed and agreed upon.  

Implementing the agreed upon actions is critical towards achieving your financial goals.   In addition, we'll discuss various solutions that can be used to implement your financial plan.

Our financial planning will evaluate your current situation and offer a revised situation incorporating agreed upon actions in the areas of: Investment Planning, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Education Funding and, when applicable, Business Owner Planning.  Tax Reduction opportunities available  will be presented so you may take these opportunities up with your tax professional.

Our Process - An Overview

  1. Send a questionnaire to prospective client - not a financial data dump
  2. Initial Interview - discuss questionnaire answers and our firm values, process
  3. Discovery meeting #1.    We learn about you, your values, attitudes, goals, priorities.    We provide our Financial Data Questionnaire at end.
  4. Discovery meeting #2.   Clarify goals, priorities, initial cost estimates of your goals. 
  5. Investment Questionniare is provided.
  6. Investment Education meeting
  7. Preliminary projections meeting with Monte Carlo simulation
  8. 1st Initial Planning meeting- finalize the financial planning process, recommendations, agree on actions
  9. Written financial plan provided.
  10. Annual renewal meetings.

Investment Planning

Once your Investment Plan is completed, we move to implementation. 

We design an investment portfolio for you that takes into account your investment personality, your goals, your ability to own assets whose prices fluctuate, and the rate of return we have determined you need to earn over the years towards achieving your financial targets.  This portfolio is not static.   It will change as needed.

We use stocks, bond, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds in constructing portfolios.   We prefer to use investment assets whose characteristics are more well documented, predictable and understandable as opposed to new financial products which sound good in theory but whose consequences are unknown.  The more complex a product or strategy is, the harder it is to imagine the possible outcomes.

Tax Reduction Strategies

Tax reduction strategies arise from the financial planning process based on our thorough review of your situation.  

We will offer observations and recommendations to help reduce your taxes and we'll coordinate with your tax advisor to make sure our strategies fit within your financial plan.


At Lincoln Financial Advisors, our main service is to provide you an objective and comprehensive fee-based financial plan. We use this proven defined process to produce a customized financial plan written specifically for the client. The process begins with the planner collecting all of the necessary data about you and your objectives. We then take that data, analyze it and produce a generic plan which has specific findings and recommendations regarding your current situation and what needs to be done for you to help achieve your goals. In addition, we will discuss the solutions that can be used to implement your plan.